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Best Fashion Style Yoga Socks Today

As a yoga teacher training instructor I am always amazed at how many students come through my studio with their yoga socks either completely damaged (worn wet), or with a few small holes, (not worn). Many of these students have purchased their yoga socks from an online source, only to find that the yoga socks are not stretchy, nor do they absorb moisture well. When yoga socks do not perform like they should, they often send the student back to their home studio, instead of continuing with their yoga classes. So, when purchasing your yoga socks make sure they are stretchy, and absorbent, and made from a material that will breathe while absorbing sweat, and allowing your feet to feel cool.

Ballet Slippers or Hiking Boots? With the world now more active than ever, yoga socks for women have evolved to fit into more women’s lifestyles. First there were the basic yoga sock, then Ballet heel shoes, and now yoga socks that have all the bells and whistles, including special toe attachments that allow for more stability, extra grip, or a snug fit against the foot, as well as a non-slip feature. The Muezna Non Slip Yoga Socks For Women, toed socks let you grip the floor with your feet and integrate yoga for walking into your daily routine. What WANTED: The special toe attachments cradle the ball of the foot and keep the sock in place, without slipping. The stylish silica handles the floor firmly, holding the yoga socks in place and keeping the moisture from sliding around your foot.

Yoga Footwear Choices: Are you looking for a gentle yoga sock, or a thick, durable pair to let you stay in shape? Or are you looking for something a little more adventurous, with plenty of spunk? Belly dancing inspired yoga socks or sexy, slinky leggings are fun, flirty, and sure to get you noticed. Spinning girdles or high heeled boots are sure to be a big hit with the younger crowd. Whatever your style, there is a yoga sock to fit your needs!