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Best Fashion Style Top & Camis Today

Camis are the most comfortable type of lingerie for larger ladies. However, many women still prefer to wear camisoles to conceal their extra figure, especially if they feel self-conscious about their large bust or broad shoulders. The only difference is that you plan to wear this piece under other clothes. Camis are often most often worn underneath sweaters, shirts, jackets, or as everyday sleepwear. If you’d like a little more bling to your camis, try wearing it over a short-sleeved tank top or underneath a sleeveless blouse.

Cropped camisoles, also known as plus size tank tops, are one of the fastest selling pieces of women’s lingerie. These tank tops provide an instant lift by covering your stomach, creating a V-shaped silhouette. Cropped camisoles are perfect for women who want to make a bold statement but do not want their busts to be visible below their tank tops.

Short and cute camisoles have always been popular, but lately there has been a surge of stylish plus size tank tops. Tank tops provide a sleek, no-runnable silhouette and are especially attractive on petites. Long, lean tank tops look even better when they have a slouchy or slightly longer bandeau. When you combine a cami with a flattering tank top and a pair of high heels, you can create the ideal sexy hourglass look. To make your legs look longer, add some black stockings or a corset.